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Brake Repair: Understanding Brake Service

The braking system includes many components so all the parts must perform well to stop your car in time.  Maintenance of brakes is a necessary part of car care. The brakes in your car consist of a hydraulic clamp that is responsible for slowing and stopping the rotation of the wheels. With regular inspections and maintenance, your brake system will be reliable and affordable.

Brake Pad Control

This is one of the crucial parts of the mechanism, also it takes care of the friction that controls the movement of your car.

Oil Leak Problem

The oil will smoothen the friction between the discs so the leakage may result in a brake failure. So you have to check whether all the valves are properly sealed with no gap for leakage. There might be an issue with the master cylinder so check with the technician to take immediate precautions.

Weird Pitchy Noise when Pressed

While pressing the brake pad if you hear a weird noise then understand it’s the time to call the experts to repair the Brake or change the brake pads. If you hear a high pitched metallic noise when you are driving the car that might be due to the lack of lubricant. It is an indicator to change or fill the lubricant.

A Burning Smell

When you press the brake pads you might feel a burning smell. This might be due to overheating of the Brake and sometimes because of overheating of the clutch. Don’t drive the car after you see the smoke, just park somewhere and check for the reason for the heat.

Rotor Issues

If you feel vibrations and bumps while pressing the brakes or while driving it can be due to a worn-out rotor and loose wheel nuts. Sometimes after prolonged usage of a car, there might also be debris on the wheel or brake motor which might be a huge risk as it results in disc thickness.

Let’s now look at the best measures to maintain your car Brakes.

Keep Changing the Brake Fluid: 

Brake fluid is very important as they coordinate with the Brake instruction and the whole system. It might easily get airy, humid, and catch moisture. So check your car’s mechanism and understand how often the fluid must be changed.

Changing the Brake Parts:

If the brakes don’t work properly it’s always good to check with an expert and change the damaged parts, this always keeps the car trouble-free.

Ensure your Rotor is Functioning: 

Rotor functioning is very important for a smooth ride. If there is a friction problem, it may be due to heating issues in the brake pads and rotors.