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The Benefits of a Four Post Car Lift


Several factors need to be considered before deciding which car lift to buy. These include the cost, space requirements, set up an account and versatility. You will also want to determine whether the four post lift is suitable for you. There are a number of benefits of a four post lift. However, you will also need to be very careful when installing the lift.


The four post car lift is a great way to lift cars to different levels. It is equipped with two 36-inch ramps and a rolling jack tray. The deck is made of weather and rust-resistant galvanized steel. It is also equipped with a redundant ladder lock system to prevent it from dropping and causing damage to the car. The lift is also equipped with non-skid diamond plate runways for stability, and it comes with a caution strip to prevent it from sliding when lifting the car.

The four post car lift is available in several different configurations. There are open and closed-front versions. Open-front versions feature a cutaway between the posts to allow more access to the vehicle's suspension system. Closed-front versions feature a closed beam between the posts and are designed for any type of under-car work.

The four-post car lift is more stable than the two-post lift and has a greater load capacity. This allows for safer operations and fewer injuries for the operators. This type of lift is widely used across a variety of industries. For example, in the airline industry, it is used to lift aero engines, while in the power generation industry, it supports rotating assemblies. It can also be custom-built to fit any customer.

Space requirements

If you are planning to install a four post car lift in your garage, you need to know its space requirements. The lift must be able to fit in the garage, and there must be enough room for the car to drive onto the deck. Generally, the inside and outside distance between the tires of the vehicle and the posts of the lift should be five to six feet, and there should be at least one foot of clearance between the car and the posts. Larger vehicles should also have enough room to drive between the posts of the lift.

The space requirements for a four post car lift vary based on the type of lift you have. Some lifts are symmetrical, meaning that half of the vehicle length is placed in front of the posts, while others have asymmetrical arms. If you have a narrow garage, you might need more space in front of the lift.


There are several factors to consider when determining the cost of a four post car lift. First of all, you want to make sure that the lift will be able to support the weight of your vehicle. A higher price usually means a better quality product, but be sure to make sure that you are buying a model that is durable. This is because even a relatively inexpensive lift can result in a ruined car or even worse, thousands of dollars in damages.

You should also consider the amount of space needed for a four post car lift. You want to make sure that you have plenty of room for all the tools you'll need, so a four post model will allow you to work in a larger space. You can also find models that have a higher capacity and can handle up to 8000 pounds. These models also feature advanced hydraulic systems and safety controls that ensure your safety. Additionally, many of these lifts come with free drip trays, a jack tray, and caster kits.

If you're a hobbyist or do some work at home, a four post car lift is a great investment. It allows you to work under your car without having to worry about putting too much strain on your back. These lifts are ideal for home enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The four-post car lift offers versatility and ease of use. Its wide lifting range allows it to handle both small and large vehicles, and it has a wide variety of storage options. Unlike two-post lifts, a four-post car lift has a wide opening that prevents the door from bending during elevation.

A four-post lift is an excellent choice for many different industries. It's often used in manufacturing and assembly environments for lifting and suspending heavy equipment. For example, the lift is often used to move aero engines from work cell to work cell. Using specialized tooling, the lift elevates an engine while allowing safe and convenient access for technicians.

If you want to work on heavier vehicles, a four-post car lift has the capacity to lift a vehicle that weighs over 60,000 pounds. However, you'll have to make trade-offs between efficiency and space. Heavy vehicles, like buses, Class 8 trucks, and RVs, require a four-post lift that weighs between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds.